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Celebrate Women

A Month of Strength

Celebrate Women!
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A celebration of the strength of women and their contributions to our lives and society

Welcome to Celebrate Women

Community for the appreciation of women and their contributions to our lives and society

Each year during May, we will host a month-long celebration of women. Please join us by reflecting on all aspects of our lives as women and honoring the women who have had a positive impact on your life. This community serves as a center-point for the celebration, which we hope you will promote and participate in through your own journals and communities. Prompts and other opportunities to participate will be posted to this community, as well as a newsletter to aggregate the results.

This is a positive community dedicated to upbuilding and honoring women in all aspects of life. This may include career, motherhood, self- or body-image, discussion of public figures, and other topics on which we may have widely varying views. We ask that you treat other participants with respect and tolerance, and carry on in a spirit of celebration, not controversy. Anyone who bashes another participant for their views in a prompt response (whether that response is posted here or in a private journal) may be banned from this community.

Please join in, please spread the word, please take this opportunity to celebrate women!


We ask each of you, during the coming month (May 1st through 31st), to post at least once (but hopefully once a day) about the strong women who have influenced you.

It doesn't have to be anything new, although that would be great. Links to previous posts you've made about real life women or fictional characters who've inspired you with their strength. Link to stories you've read or written that celebrate women. Link to news articles, art, charities, anything, that upbuilds women and honors their finer qualities. Link to quotes from women or about women that encourage you.

Provide us a link to your post(s) and we will include it in our newsletter!


Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. - Amelia Earhart

Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Meed

There’s nothing half so real in life as the things you’ve done ... inexorably, unalterably done. - Sara Teasdale

We all have separate pathways to take, our own destinations to choose.
We all have our own contributions to make, our own special talents to use —
We all have our own kind of life to pursue, our own kind of dreams to be weaving ...
And we all have the power to make wishes come true as long as we keep believing.
- Amanda Bradley