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Celebrate Women
A Month of Strength
Action Challenge: Week 4 
25th-May-2008 11:35 pm

Action Challenge: Snail Mail to Our Oldest Friend

The challenge, in this coming week, is to make a point to write a hand-written letter/card to a high school friend you still talk with (or your oldest friend).

On this Memorial Day, along with remembering the men & women who gave their lives for us and this country (or Victoria Day in memory of a Queen), let's also remember those strong women of our childhood. The high school friend we still talk with but might not have seen in a while. The oldest friend we email & computer chat with but haven't seen for a long time. Let's take the little extra effort this week and snail mail them a letter or card to brighten their day. Mail is usually fun, it brings a smile to our face to get something in the mail that isn't a bill or a credit card offer or the other junk that companies think we might want to buy. :-)

As always, whatever fits into your frenzied life works. These challenges are not intended to create more stress in our lives... so if you meet with your family in two weeks, it is fine, still let us know!


Action Challenges will be posted on Sundays. Please comment here about what you did and we'll throw it in the newsletter. :-) So get out there and enjoy the company of your family!
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